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"A Funeral should not be a financial burden".

  • Excellent service. Mr. O'Sullivan was outstanding in making all the arrangements and giving our family the best advice when needed. He was quick to take charge and put our minds at ease. We would highly recommend Affordable Funeral Services and John O'Sullivan for any funeral service needed.
  • What a great company, excellent customer service and affordable prices. In a time of need they know how to look after you. The funeral service was beautiful and simple. Perfect.
  • Words cannot express my gratitude for the service you have provided. You made a difficult time bearable and assisted in this part of the healing process.  Your patience and guidance removed all the fears and stress I had.  I am tremendously grateful for the personal care you and your staff take in your work. I will forever recommend your funeral service to all.
  • This was really a wonderful and happy experience. Never thought I would say this about a memorial service, but it is exactly what my father would have wanted. Laughing, joking and outrageous life stories, what an experience. A family gathered eulogy was perfect, everyone commented how absolutely unique it was. Greatest idea ever, it took all the pain out and brought all the love in.
  • Thank you for handling all the details of my father's cremation on our behalf. With no one in Canada, it was comforting knowing someone honest and kind was there to look after my father and all the arrangements. It took away the worry and made everything easier. Blessing.
  • Our family is so appreciative of the service you and your staff provided. You took away the stress and worry of dealing with so many issues at a time when we could not. As I said, "I couldn't do your job", but I am so glad you can and with such honestly and kindness. We will pass your name to anyone in need.
  • Our family wants to thank you for your caring and kindness during our recent difficult and stressful time. A mother's passing is always the most difficult time for any family. We truly appreciate your professionalism regarding her funeral, but it is your honestly and caring showed to each and every member of our family and friends that really stands out. Yours is not only a business, but a personal service.
  • What a welcome service this is. These days, funerals have become so impersonal and 'business-like' that bringing them back into the Church, where we bade our loved ones 'farewell' as they embark on their final journey, is very comforting. The cost of funerals is so horrendous, it's almost cruel but, thank God, Affordable Funeral Services seems to have some compassion for those left behind to bear this expense. Thank you and Blessings for great success.
  • As promised, I am posting a 5-star review! You helped my friend's family above and beyond any funeral service anyone has ever experienced. Thank you for coming to their house multiple times and putting them in contact with all the right government agencies. This could have been a real burden on them, but all worries are gone. Thank you again.
  • We just want to say our big Thank You to you for your great assistance and help during our time of difficulty. Thank you for everything that you did for us. Thanks to the Holy Spirit for guiding us to you. God Bless

Funeral Assistance Information

Affordable Funeral Services believes ALL Ontario Residents should be aware of Ontario Works Funeral & Cremation Assistance.

Families or individuals already receiving government assistance are pre-qualify, but ANYONE needing assistance can apply.

Affordable Funeral Services are available throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, GTA areas.



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Secure Holding / Storage

Transfer to Crematorium or Cemetry

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Cremation Fee Or Graveside Service 

Death Registration

Basic Preparation 

Pacemaker Removal

2 Hour Service

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Full Preparation (Embalming)

Family's Request

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Funeral, Cremation, Burial, and Memorial Assistance through Ontario Works

Every municipality in Ontario has a Funeral Assistance Program that will cover the necessary Funeral expenses for those residents that do not have sufficient funds to cover Funeral Costs. These programs are available to all Ontario residents and are simple to apply for.
Families or individuals already receiving government assistance are pre-qualify, but any family needing assistance can apply
The Municipal Caseworks are thoughtful and very understanding as to your needs and will help you through the entire process.
Contact Affordable Funeral Services and we can assist you to understand your options 416-270-2436
Assistance with funeral costs can include:

  • Funeral services – Ontario Works will pay for the transfer of the body for cremation, burial, or for a traditional funeral service.
  • Burial services – Ontario Works will purchase a burial lot. If the deceased person owned a lot, Employment and Social Services will pay to open and close the grave.
  • Cremation services – Ontario Works will pay for cremation, including a standard urn. Ontario Works also covers the cost of scattering the remains in a cemetery or a burial in a pre-owned plot.

To determine eligibility, an Ontario Works caseworker will consider the financial situation of the deceased person and his/her spouse at the time of death.

How to apply:

  • If the deceased person was in receipt of Ontario Works or ODSP, you can come directly to Affordable Funeral Services and we will contact Ontario Works to authorize Payment.
  • If the deceased person was not in receipt of Ontario Works or ODSP, you can still apply at an Ontario Works office. We can assist you to book an appointment and find out what information you need to make a funeral application


The Canada Pension Plan offers financial assistance for families of contributors:

Death benefit to cover funeral expenses.

The one-time death benefit payment is paid to the deceased’s estate, up to a maximum of $2,500, based on the length of time contributions to CPP have been made.

Affordable Funeral Services is available to assist you at any time – 416-270-2436 (24 Hours)

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